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Survival and MCNSA as a whole are being revitalized once again. The staff for survival has been trimmed down. And ranks for the forums rethought. This is just the begining to a new and improved MCNSA.

Survival was updated to 1.7 and along with it a new map! As well Ereh_Dogon has stepped down from running the Survival server. Maboughey has taken the position and is doing awesome work already! Ereh and Mab are working hard to change MCNSA for the better, so there is plenty to come!

Fancy a change from vanilla minecraft? The official MCNSA ftb server is running strong with a number of regular players to play with. We are running the unleashed pack at ftb.mcnsa.com

Remember Levantine, Altimeter, Dantao, or any of the other old school MCNSAers? They've started their own subsection of MCNSA known as RandomNonsenseGamers and have graciously started hosting multiple games for all. Check them out at their website or click on the RNG button in the Nav bar up top!

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Help Us Out?

MCNSA's main servers are and always will be free to play on, but running servers can be costly. The servers are funded entirely by the loving community that calls it their home.

If you enjoy what MCNSA has to offer and are interested in supporting MCNSA, we appreciate it. Every little bit helps a lot.